BW LPG is the world’s largest owner and operator of Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs).

BW LPG is the world’s leading owner and operator of LPG vessels, owning and operating Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs) with a total carrying capacity of over 3 million cubic metres (CBM). The company transports LPG safely and sustainably to world markets, using its scale and maritime expertise to help propel the world’s transition towards cleaner energy.

With five decades of operating experience in LPG shipping and experienced seafarers and staff, BW LPG offers a flexible and reliable service to customers. BW LPG uses its global footprint to champion competitive, sustainable solutions to secure enduring value for its stakeholders and society. From spot voyages and time charters to Contracts of Affreightment (CoAs), BW LPG’s flexible and reliable service has earned the trust of leading oil companies as well as trading and utility companies.

The company is headquartered in Singapore and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker code BWLPG.

BW Group owns 40% of the shares in the company.

Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs)
Million CBM Capacity
Years of Operating Experience
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Very Large Gas Carrier BW Libra

LPG Dual-Fuel Propulsion
Making a power move on climate change

We invest significant resources in R&D and technology to drive energy efficiency and reduce emissions to air. One of our most significant initiatives is to pioneer the use of LPG dual-fuel propulsion engines. LPG is a long-term sustainable marine fuel, and LPG propulsion has significant environmental, economic and operational benefits.

Owning and operating these vessels grounds our decarbonising efforts, and ensures we provide stakeholders with an ambitious but practical decarbonisation roadmap towards a zero-carbon future. As we navigate our way forward, our LPG-powered vessels ensure we are well-placed for the markets now, where against a background of new and increasingly stringent regulations, we continue to serve customers without the need for speed reductions or equipment upgrades.

We will continue to evolve to meet the needs of global trade, and offer safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly vessels, to deliver cleaner energy to world markets.

Towards a Better World with BW LPG

Towards a Better World

What drives us to do what we do? A vision to be Best on Water. A purpose of working towards a Better World. A conviction that LPG is part of the solution for global energy security as we transition towards a zero-carbon future.

As a company, our vision and purpose remain steadfast, but our definition of success has expanded. To be successful, we must perform to meet stakeholder needs in the present, and ensure long-term profitability and sustainability of our business. As we grow and protect our long-term profitability as a business, we will act for the environment, make a positive impact on society, and uphold responsible and transparent business practices.

LPG is a cleaner-burning fuel that can help meet the world’s energy needs while addressing concerns on climate change. As we continue to pursue good shareholder returns to ensure the sustainability of our business, we also act to ensure the sustainability of the planet.

BW LPG India's BW Birch

BW LPG India
India’s largest owner and operator of Very Large Gas Carriers

India is the world’s second largest importer of LPG, and long-term demand trends together with strong government support for the use of LPG are expected to sustain growing domestic demand. Significant infrastructure investments into new pipelines, port expansions and storage facilities have encouraged high LPG imports. The country’s investments in propane dehydrogenation plants also bodes well for potential LPG import demand for the petrochemical sector.

Since our establishment six years ago, BW LPG India has grown to become India’s largest owner and operator of VLGCs, and we aim to be our customers’ preferred shipping partner with our strengths. Our fleet is Indian-flagged and Indian-operated to facilitate business transactions in alignment with the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme (translated as domestic self-reliance). We added ~400,000 MT to Indian shipping with our fleet which carries approximately 20% of LPG imports into India, and commands approximately 30% share of the time-charter market. Vessels in BW LPG India are maintained to the highest standards and can trade internationally, and are managed by Synergy Ship Management, a leading ship manager.  

As the team grows its presence in India, it also commits to uplift communities. Initiatives include scholarships for female cadets from the Indian Maritime University to encourage women to join the shipping industry; support for ProtoVillage, a local organisation improving rural resilience in India; and support for Nourishing Schools Foundation as they empower children to take charge of their nutrition and health.

BW Product Services in Madrid

BW Product Services
In-house trading expertise at BW LPG

BW Product Services is the in-house trading division of BW LPG. The team provides customers with reliable, integrated LPG delivery services, by purchasing LPG and offering it delivered directly to buyers and receivers. Through years of operating and trading experience, we have built a strong network in and a deep understanding of the LPG industry. We trade LPG worldwide, sourcing cargoes from the US and Middle East and deliver cargoes to key import markets. We currently have offices in Singapore, Madrid, Oslo and the US to provide global coverage for our customers.

Our combination of shipping, derivatives and market analysis allows us to respond quickly to changing dynamics and seize market opportunities while operating within disciplined capital requirements and defined risk thresholds. The Far East will remain the highest consumer of LPG for retail demand, with China accounting for most of the demand. The Middle East is a key growth area for gas plant production – as new projects come onstream around 2025/2026, they maintain the region’s dominance as a key LPG supply source for India and Asia markets.

At BW Product Services, we work with leading trade finance banks. Key partners include Banque Cantonale de Genève (Switzerland), BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA (Switzerland), BNP Paribas (Singapore), Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Singapore), Citibank N.A. (Singapore), OCBC Bank (Singapore) and Societe Generale (Paris). Read more about how BW Product Services is supporting customers with market insights, operational flexibility and maritime expertise.

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